Half day shoots

Cost from £1800

The Concept:

The half day appeals to those with limited time or budget. We will shoot three full drives being a partridge/pheasant, grouse and the woodcock drive.

The Costs:

The cost of the afternoon shoot starts from £1800 equating to around £100 per head depending on the number of guns. The afternoon is set up for 16-20 guns. This does not include cartridges.

Instructors: (Optional at £75 per half-day)

Beginners will need an instructor and novices will almost certainly get more from the day with enthusiastic guidance from one of our team. Each of our instructors can supervise two guests and beginners MUST be supervised either by an instructor or an experienced member of your team.

Gun Hire: (Optional at £40 per half-day)

If you want to save your barrels or have guests without guns, we have a selection of 12 and 20 bore estate guns available for guests. Prior notice is required.

BBQ: (Optional from £250)

If you want to relax at the end of your shoot with a delicious BBQ and a few beers, this can be arranged with advance notice at (£15 per head).

The Drives and Format:

Meet and Greet at the Shoot room: We ask guests to arrive at 2.00pm at the shoot room, which is a dedicated ‘hunting lodge’. After setting the seen and a safety briefing we will set off to the shoot. We are equally happy to run these as evening events – starting at 4.30 during the summer months.

The Grouse – ‘Ptarmigan’: Grouse is often seen as the ultimate game bird and shooting them is a completely different discipline. Grouse are lightning quick and literally hug the contours of the land. The really good shots here take them way way out in front, and simultaneously can thoroughly frustrate their neighbours by shooting their birds just as they are taking aim. Thus we have built our own grouse butts in our own to compact grouse moor. Many leave thinking this is the most exciting and memorable of all our drives.

High Pheasant – ‘The Himalayas’:  Our second high pheasant drive is situated at the foot of a hill and produces some moral destroying pheasants in the game season.  This is what we are trying to simulate here. Think of the great Devon shoots such as Castle Hill and then add a bit!

The Woodcock: We normally run the Woodcock drive as a mini-competition; the guns are in hides within a mature Oak wood. You will be shooting at coloured clays, being woodcock but also at Rabbits, Rats and are newest pest- the Flying Squirrel.

‘Tim – Your woodcock drive was special – what a wake up call following our excellent lunch – It was clearly an honour to be elected to ‘ team captain’ and I felt I nailed my speech. Indeed I was convinced it was inspiring , even Churchillian! We set about the Woodcock and those flaming rats with passion and initially great discipline. I knew that we were being stretched when my boys started acting like Bodie and Doyle with cries of ‘I am out – Cover Me!!’ This duly gave way to laughter and shouting of ‘Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic- Mr Mannering!’, finally we descended into totally chaotic anarchy. This is the best clay drive I have ever seen – it is genius! (Letter to Tim E-C from Rupert Wiggin – Strutt & Parker)