The Big Bang Half Day Fix

‘The Walt Disney of Shooting!”

Cost:  From £3500

The Concept

This half day ‘Big Bang Fix’ might be seen as the shooting equivalent of the 20/20 cricket revolution.  It includes 3 high octane drives and the added madness of sorties of Flying Gnats and Laporte Archery.  We meet at the shoot room by 12.30 for a sumptuous banquet and will shoot for 3 hours and finish after tea at around 5.30pm.

The Costs

The basic cost is set at £3500 which will equate to around £175-£200 a head depending on the number of guns. The day is set up for between 16-20 guests. Cartridges, gun hire and coaches can be provided but are not included.

The Flying Gnat

This is your chance to shoot at a military style drone, which can fly at 80mph. What makes this fun is that our Gnats have pyrotechnics under their wings and hence explode on impact; although the ultimate satisfaction is bringing one of these down!

The Drives and Format

Meet and Greet at the Shoot room for lunch: We ask guests to arrive at 12.15-12.30 at our dedicated ‘hunting lodge’.  Lunch is an indulgent and decadent affair.  Our shoot room bar awaits with Provençale Rosé, Cider and our own Ramsbury Ale.  This is followed by the likes of BBQ butterfly of lamb, a multitude of salads and flans; followed by chocolate biscuit cake, cheese and coffee.

After setting out the rules of engagement and banishing all forms of normal shooting etiquette, we will set off for the first drive, at around 2.00pm

Wildfowl and Vermin:  Our signature drive, for most guests, is our wildfowl and vermin drive, where we will prove that shooting is an adrenalin sport.  You shoot within elegant hides and one can expect to shoot duck, springing teal, English and French partridge, crossing pigeons, magpie, exploding crows, plus the rare and rampant ‘Hilldrop Rabbit’!  Some of you will be shooting from an elevated ‘tree house’.  In poker terms, ‘we are all in’, with game coming from all four corners of the compass.  This will guarantee smoking hot barrels!

Pimms Break and Laporte Archery:   We will temporarily let the adrenalin levels drop with the help of glass of Pimms and a home-made flap-jack; whilst enjoying a 15-mile view across the Downs.  Adding a little further variety, you will then have a chance of shooting at flying foam clays.  Sounds easy enough; right up to the point that you discover your weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

High Pheasant – ‘The Himalayas’- With Gnat:   The high pheasant drive is situated at the foot of a hill that produces some moral destroying pheasants in the game season.  Think of the great Devon shoots, such as Castle Hill, and then add a bit! The Gnat will make its first guest appearance here.

The Grouse – ‘Ptarmigan’- With even faster Gnat:  Grouse are often seen as the ultimate game bird and shooting them is a completely different discipline. Grouse are lightning quick and literally hug the contours of the land.  The good shots here take them way out in front, allowing you to frustrate your neighbour by shooting their bird just as they are taking aim.  You will shoot this from Wiltshire’s finest grouse butts in our own compact grouse moor.  Many leave thinking this is the most exciting and memorable of all our drives.

Tea and departure:   We conclude with tea, cakes, and a cleansing ale or glass of wine; during which your guns can be cleaned.  We might also encourage you to bring a tip for the trappers.

Instructors: (Optional at £75 per half-day). Each of our instructors can supervise two guests and beginners MUST be supervised either by an instructor or an experienced member of your team.

Gun Hire: (Optional at £50 per half-day) Ifyou have guests without guns, we can hire in a selection of 12 and 20 bore guns. Prior notice is required.